Content Marketing Strategy

Tired of blogging and tweeting for the sake of it? Bring a full strategic approach to your online content production with our content strategy design service

What Is It?

Our content strategy design service has been created to meet the challenges of the marketer that might be producing online content such as blog and social media posts but without a core strategy in place to guide the subject matter and deliverables.

We’ll deliver in-depth research and analysis to understand your target audience, the issues that they engage with and the online channels that influence them.

From this research we’ll create you a detailed content plan that will outline engaging content that is distributed through the right channels at the right time.

  • Research: Audience research, creation of marketing personas and mapping of buying journey

  • Planning: Creation of content strategy aligned to the buying journey and a content distribution strategy tailored to the target audience, including PPC, SEO, paid partnerships and social media

Who Is It For?

We have designed this service specifically to support marketers that want to have a concrete plan in place for their content and understand the link between content and real business objectives. We’ll focus on metrics such as sales leads generated and return on investment rather than visits and likes, helping to establish the marketing team at the very centre of business decision making and strategy.

This program has also been designed to meet the wider challenges that are faced by modern marketers and sales teams, specifically:

  • Developing a content strategy for lead generation

  • Generating a high volume of sales qualified leads

  • Qualifying and nurturing leads through to sales

  • Showing an ROI on marketing spend

  • Effective prospecting of contacts

  • An effective, sustainable alternative to cold calling

If you’re experiencing challenges in generating targeted leads from your website, call us on 020 7117 2438 for a free consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists.

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