Digital Marketing Management

Our complete online marketing program including research, marketing strategy, content marketing, sales alignment and delivery – all secured with payment by results

What Is It?

Our complete digital marketing management programs are designed to direct your online marketing strategy, optimising your website content to acquire targeted traffic that converts into high quality leads. Starting with detailed customer research, we’ll help you profile your target audience, understand their buying journey and create content that will influence them on each step of this journey.

We’ll also work with your sales team to integrate marketing strategy with sales delivery, ensuring a truly seamless strategy that delivers real business results.

Every program is bespoke to your unique requirements, with pricing considering the level of support required and content to be produced, but will include:

  • Research: Audience research, creation of marketing personas and mapping of buying journey

  • Planning: Creation and production of content strategy

  • Production: Creation of all online marketing materials including all copywriting, editing, design and development

  • Promotion: Creation and delivery of a content distribution strategy to cover the most relevant channels for your audience and budget, such as PPC, SEO, email, paid partnerships and organic social media

  • Analysis: Monthly analysis and planned campaign improvements based around a marginal gains model

Who Is It For?

Our programs are designed to support both marketing and sales functions within an organisation. We work with our clients on a partnership basis to create integrated online marketing strategies that align with your sales goals and provide a clear ROI, all underpinned with a payment by results scheme that makes us accountable for the forecasts that we make.

This program has been designed to meet the challenges that are faced by modern marketers and sales teams, specifically:

  • Developing a content strategy for lead generation

  • Generating a high volume of sales qualified leads

  • Qualifying and nurturing leads through to sales

  • Showing an ROI on marketing spend

  • Effective prospecting of contacts

  • An effective, sustainable alternative to cold calling

If you’re experiencing challenges in generating targeted leads from your website, call us on 020 7117 2438 for a free consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists.

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