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We worked with Ezbob, a fintech provider of customer acquisition technology to leading banks with a targeted lead generation and nurture program.
Growth Enablement


Ezbob is a London-based fintech that provides customer acquisition technology to financial services organisations.

As existing HubSpot Marketing Professional users they were keen to get more from the platform, specifically for ABM, personalisation and lead nurturing.

We worked closely with their wider marketing and sales teams to:

  • Maximise the number of MQLs and Opportunities generated from marketing channels

  • Transform the performance of the email channel through targeted ABM programs

  • Deliver more value from the HubSpot subscription, including advanced reporting, marketing automation and sales pipeline automation


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Personalised Marketing for Increased Engagement


Ezbob wanted to better understand the personas of their prospects, so that they could be more targeted with their marketing and content strategy, as well as their ABM campaigns.


We ran a number of sales and marketing workshops where we mapped out the key influencers and decision makers for the different areas within financial services organisations that Ezbob were looking to target.


These personas were then built in HubSpot, using progressive profiling to collect more data on these prospects and creating targeted email workflows to nurture leads that downloaded content from the website.


Using these personas, we were able to create personalised user journeys through marketing automation, giving each prospect a unique journey that aligned with Ezbob’s most relevant proposition.


We were also able to create profiles that could be used to acquire data to be used for ABM.


Account Based Marketing


We helped Ezbob to change the way they were managing their email marketing and implement a number of ABM programs within HubSpot.

Mass emails to cold data lists were performing poorly, so we onboarded them into HubSpot Sales Professional and worked with them to create personalised email prospecting sequences that used both text and video emails.

These went out to decision makers within a specified list of target accounts, and we also used IP address information to understand the companies that were visiting the website and created rapid rollout sequences to engage with these companies.

This led to ten initial meetings with senior decision makers being created that wouldn’t have been possible with the old email approach.


Ezbob Email.png
Sales Pipeline Refinement


In line with a launch of new products and services, we worked across the sales and finance teams, as well as the CEO, to plan and implement a new sales pipeline that would improve reporting and forecasting capabilities.

We helped them turn their new modules into Line Items in HubSpot so that costings and start dates could be accurately created by the sales team and used to accurately forecast revenue by the finance team.

A new reporting dashboard was created using data from the new pipeline set-up for forecasting, pipeline conversion rate and churn, giving more visibility on the sales process and lifecycle of leads.


Content and Event Partnerships


IAs part of their lead generation plan, Ezbob has worked with a number of content distribution partners that have hosted webinars and co-authored content that has then been promoted to their targeted database.

We have supported in this through set-up of custom landing pages and nurture campaigns for acquired leads, plus supported the sales team in the identification of key contacts and consulted on outreach approaches for these target leads.

We have also created bespoke automated follow-up campaigns that were designed to convert initial interest from the content into additional engagement, which led to more leads being pushed into the funnel as opportunities.



Year-on-year increase in website leads


Year-on-year increase in Opportunities


Qualified meetings booked through ABM

Alan was Ezbob’s go-to person for lead generation strategy and execution. He helped us refine our strategy and then put it into practice on HubSpot. His knowledge of digital marketing and experience with HubSpot enabled Ezbob to 
have an effective lead generation program that 
delivered impressive results.


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