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Why Isn't SEO Working?

How Google Has Changed and How it Affects You

Charlotte Waller is the co-founder of the inbound lead generation agency Fresh Source Digital and founder of the digital agency, Visebility, which specialises in small business and SME digital marketing.

She has been working with businesses of all sizes on SEO and inbound marketing projects for over six years and is the author of the book Digital Dynamite: Blowing the Lid on the Secrets of Digital Marketing, a comprehensive guide to SEO.

Charlotte Waller
Founder & Director, Fresh Source Digital & Visebility

SEO isn't what it used to be. What used to work for many organisations, driving leads and sales with a minimum of effort is now much more competitive and results for many people are dwindling.

But why?

In this eGuide, you'll learn:

  • How changes to search engine results pages are affecting your clickthrough rate
  • How penalties may still be affecting your rankings, even if you've had a penalty lifted
  • How Adwords is poaching old organic traffic, and your number 1 ranking isn't worth what it used to be

See where your traffic has gone and start the process of building a robust online marketing strategy by downloading How Google has Changed and What it Means for Your SEO.


Fresh Source Digital was founded in 2010 to deliver search engine marketing through SEO and PPC. It has now evolved to create and execute powerful full channel digital marketing strategies designed to meet clients' business objectives.

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