Online Audit

Struggling to generate leads or noticed a decline in online performance? Get a full website and channel audit that looks at how your website can generate real business results

What Is It?

People tend to come to us for one of three reasons:

  1. Online channels are no longer generating the number of leads that they used to
  2. There is a lack of a strategic approach to online marketing or content generation
  3. They have been disappointed by a previous agency

Our online audits will get to get to the bottom of all of these issues, giving you a full appraisal of the performance of all of your channels as well as highlighting new areas and new approaches that will improve both the quantity and quality of the leads you are generating online.

Some of the areas we look into include:

  • Website: Is the website speaking to the right audience? Does it address each stage of the customer buying journey? Is it optimised for both search and customer journey? Could it be converting more traffic into leads?

  • Search: Are there short and long term search engine opportunities? Are there any penalties or issues that are affecting traffic? How is the website performing now compared with historic performance? How can you compete with your online rivals?

  • PPC: A review of all previous campaigns and identification of any potential campaigns that can be used in the future. We’ll look at keywords with buying and educational intent and see how your strategy aligns to these keywords, plus look at other areas where your budget might yield a higher return

  • Social Media: We’ll help you identify which channels your target audience is using for what purpose and how effective your existing output is in engaging them. We’ll also look at what you are posting and explore ways in which you can show the real business value of using social media for marketing, helping you understand the ROI on each channel

  • Reporting: Are you analysing the right metrics and reporting the right information internally? We’ll take a look at your internal reports and help you to show how your online performance is effecting real business results, showing the true value of marketing to the business

Who Is It For?

This program is designed for online marketers and marketing managers and directors that want to get a strategic understanding of how the company is performing and areas in which this performance can be improved.

Whether you have just embarked on a new website project and are looking to increase the number of leads that it is generating, or you want to get a second opinion on the work that has been carried out by an agency, our lead generation audits will help to give you a clearer picture of both how the website is performing and the online potential for generating leads within your sector.

Our programs have been designed to meet the wider challenges that are faced by modern marketers and sales teams, specifically:

  • Developing a content strategy for lead generation

  • Generating a high volume of sales qualified leads

  • Qualifying and nurturing leads through to sales

  • Showing an ROI on marketing spend

  • Effective prospecting of contacts

  • An effective, sustainable alternative to cold calling

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