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We worked with Switch2, a company in the energy sector to repurpose their existing bank of content and create an automated strategy aligned to the prospect buying journey. 
Lead Generation and Nurture


We started working with Switch2 in November 2020 to help them generate more leads through HubSpot and re-engage existing prospects through campaigns and nurture flows.

They have a niche target audience within housing associations and property developers and run a number of marketing initiatives such as webinars and gated content for lead generation.

They have an extensive prospect database in HubSpot and with purchase decisions often taking months to years, plus the high potential value of a client, marketing automation and nurture programs are a key part of their marketing strategy.

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Switch2 had existing MQL and SQL criteria established, but it was only capturing net-new leads and not reporting on the important historic leads that were re-engaging.

We worked over a number of months to trial and modify a new lead qualification criteria that included engagement by existing leads using a remodelled lead scoring matrix. 

This led to a process where the Business Development could be notified of engagement by any historic leads, helping them to prioritise their outreach efforts.

Marketing can now accurately report on the number of leads that are being generated and get more of an idea of the success of their content and wider marketing activities.


Re-engagement Through Existing Content

With a large back catalogue of recently refreshed content, we planned a series of re-engagement emails using gated content and email automation to nurture historic leads.

Lead scoring was used to measure engagement, with those leads that met the target persona criteria and recently engaged with content being passed to the Business Development team for a follow-up.

We cleansed the database to remove irrelevant contacts and created re-engagement lists for these campaigns, as well as re-building the lead scoring matrix to more accurately reflect lead quality. 

HubSpot Management

We also help Switch2 manage their wider HubSpot platform. This has included:


  • Email and landing page creation

  • Progressive profiling set-up

  • Lead scoring implementation

  • Content updates

  • Form configurations

  • Marketing automation workflows

  • Reporting dashboard creation

  • Integrations with platforms such as Zoom


Working with Fresh Source Digital has helped us reengage many contacts with new and refreshed content, as well as increase new contacts. We have better processes in place, understand the data better and feel very supported working with Hubspot experts.


Fresh Source are reliable, efficient, knowledgeable and focused on results. I see Fresh Source as an extension of my marketing team. 


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