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We worked with Curve to enhance their B2B proposition and launch to a new audience through an internal content hub.
The Project


We were approached by Curve, the London based payment card and app company, with a remit to help them grow the B2B side of the business.


We conducted an initial workshop session, where members of the sales and marketing team discussed potential audiences and we mapped out personas that outlined who these audiences are and identified the challenges that they experience that Curve was a solution to.


There was also additional research conducted to identify potential online distribution channels, looking at the potential of SEO, Google PPC, content syndication, PR and paid social media campaigns. Using this information, a strategy was created to hit the chosen target audience with relevant content through the channels we identified.

The Accountant's Hub


Using the intelligence gained from the workshop, plus our additional research and planning, it was decided to launch a campaign targeting accountants. This campaign would take the form of building out an educational hub where accountants could access educational content about Curve including eGuides, brochures, videos and testimonials.


This content would feed-in to an enquiry function that would convert website visits into leads, that would then be processed by the sales team. This involved the creation of a combined marketing and sales strategy, ensuring that the sales team were aware of where leads were coming from and that there was an integrated plan in place between the two teams.

The Process


We mapped out the content requirements and built initial wireframes and designs for the hub, working with the Curve team to manage content production and website design and build. The hub was built in HubSpot, allowing us to use their tracking and reporting abilities to manage, segment and nurture leads through the sales process. Gated content was used to allow us to gather early stage leads for nurturing, with an enquiry option for those further through the buying journey.

The Launch


The hub was launched through multiple on and offline channels, using PR, content syndication and new calls to action from the main website to drive traffic through to the landing pages and generate leads, which were then segmented and managed by the sales team to an agreed process and strategy. The HubSpot CRM was used to manage and track leads, with the sales team using this to see the levels of engagement of individual contacts, enabling them to see who was more engaged with the website and the content and prioritise their sales actions accordingly.



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A tried and trusted process allowed us to build out multiple pieces of content in collaboration with Curve while keeping a consistent theme and messaging. Content such as videos, eGuides and blog posts were all shared through the Accountant's Hub, which was built in only four weeks.

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