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A Fresh Chapter for Inbound Lead Generation

Hi, I’m delighted to be writing my first post on behalf of Fresh Source Digital. So if you’ve clicked this far, I guess you’re wondering what we’re all about? Well this post will tell you everything you need to know about our delightful new digital agency – who we are, what we stand for and what brought us here in the first place. I think you’re going to like it…

Where Did We Come From?

Fresh Source Digital is a digital agency born from the frustrations of two partners, myself and Charlotte Waller, who were getting just a little tired of the same old agency landscape.

A landscape where digital services were routinely oversold and under-delivered.

A landscape where an industry thrived based on 100% transparency of results but 0% accountability for failure.

A landscape of high retainers, ever changing account teams and questionable levels of expertise.

The list could go on. Indeed, the list does go on.

From the black magic of SEO to the inner intricacies of the inbound process, it seemed like all the digital world wanted to do was confuse, complicate and deceive.

So when two friends sat down for coffee (it was actually wine), a new approach was born….

A Fresh Approach….

As the wine flowed, so did the ideas.

What if the people that you speak to in the sales process are the people that actually work on your account?

What if the agency actually absorbed some of the risks and were paid based on the results they achieved? And results that actually matter to the business?

What if the client wasn’t stuck paying for high retained cost that doesn’t deliver any true value?

What if the “account team” are actually experienced marketers that will work on a partnership basis with the client?

What if we put that traffic cone on your head and ran down the high street with it?

At this point, it was time to go home.

New Beginnings

With that, a new agency was born.

An agency where the promises made during the sales process are the ones we will be held accountable to during delivery.

An agency where payment by results is a cornerstone of our model.

An agency with a hub of delivery expertise that doesn’t rely on the client bearing a high retained cost.

An agency where you’ll deal with a digital expert, not an account handler.

An agency….. that is never drinking wine again.

I am proud to say that we have created an agency born simply from our will to do a good job and excel for those that we are happy to call our clients. We look forward to the journey ahead.

In our next post, we’ll tell you all about the team behind Fresh Source Digital.

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