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Brief Encounters: My Summer of Persuasion

Whilst my peers and it seems everyone in my entire social network was enjoying a holiday this summer, we’ve been busy at work in the Fresh Source office. Not the laissez faire type of work normally conducted in August whereby you finish early and adopt a mandatory “lunch at the pub policy” for sunny days, but really grafting (and sweating) in this heat.

And whilst being at work has resulted in lots of looking at holiday photos, no likes on said photos because of holiday-photo-jealousy and a renewed hatred for hot dogs (thanks but no thanks Three mobile…) you might think me lonely and depressed.

But fear not! I have not been alone. And thanks to what I suspect is my name and email appearing on a mailing list somewhere in the ether, I’ve enjoyed regular contact from email pals as far away as Canada, India and Australia.

The Compliments Just Keep Coming

My new friends are so nice! Here are just some of the things they’ve been telling me, completely unprompted:

“Keep up the great work!” – I will! “I just wanted to reach out” – awww, so sweet! “I’m looking forward to the prospect of working with you” – right back ‘at ya “We hope you like any of our service. Waiting for positive response…” – okey dokey “We are different from the rest and I am willing to prove it” – a bit forward, but ok! I’m flattered… “I’d really love to help with your site” – *blushes*, chivalry is alive and well

Let’s Talk Numbers

Now, let’s put some numbers in this blog, and to these emails.

34 – Hottest day of the year so far in degrees celsius 5 – Resolves to “never drink again” periodically throughout the summer 13 – Number of times toe has been stubbed on the door frame in the past week 13 – Number of pounds in my swear jar 3 – Number of weeks I’ve been counting requests to contribute content to my site 11 – Number of requests received 0 – Times I’ve responded


You may think me harsh for ignoring my new friends, but I don’t know any of these people. Granted the requests have been thoughtful and some even contained strokes of genius that almost made me respond, but the bottom line is that never having had previous contact with any of these individuals put me off. I wasn’t familiar with the brands or the names and only 1 stood out favourably.

How to Generate New Contacts

There are ways to generate new contacts other than email, and they work. Our free eGuide, How to Build an Effective Online Marketing Strategy will take you through our process at Fresh Source – how you can generate new contacts and further still, how to convert these into qualified leads.


Download it at this link.

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